Four Season Sunrooms

Four Season Sunrooms Four Season Sunrooms feature our exclusive wall design that is optimized for a pleasant appearance.

Roll Shutters

Roll Shutters View More Photos Below Residential Security: Secure your home from both break-ins and Mother Nature's harshest elements. Talius Rollshutters create a solid barrier against theft, broken glass and inclement weather when you need it, and then disappear when you don't. Protect your cottage from crimes of opportunity and harsh climate conditions. Relax in comfort while you are on vacation and rest assured that when you are not there, Talius Rollshutters are protecting your cottage from expensive damage caused by break-ins, theft, vandalism, and extreme weather conditions.   Commercial Security: Protect your business from break-ins, vandalism and theft. Property crime is on the rise. Intruders seek fast entry and most break-ins occur through doors and windows. Talius Rollshutters have earned a reputation for protecting businesses from break-ins with the ultimate security solution proven to withstand forced entry. Talius Rollshutters offer the ultimate security solutions to protect…

Screen Rooms

Screen Rooms Enjoy outdoor lounging, reading or eating in an all screen room.

Motorized & Manual Screens

Motorized & Manual Screens An extremely popular option with families still wanting to enjoy the outdoors, but have a screen room available at the touch of a button

3 Season Sunrooms

3 Season Sunrooms The three season sunroom is one of our most popular room choices for our customers.

Decks and Railings

Decks and Railings When you're adding a sunroom or screen room, a very popular design is to add an extra deck for barbequing Use composite vinyl decking, pressure treated wood or full vinyl decking for a maintenance free deck Many different composites can be used to create the desired look. Whatever you wish for is our pleasure to create! Custom made aluminum railings will last you the lifetime of your deck and provide a stunning look